The Danish Chairmanship is coming to an end – Estonia will take over

The last day of DEMA’s IHP Chairmanship will be Sunday 30 June 2019 after which ERB will take over on Monday 1 July for 1½ years.

Part of April, May and June will be used by the outgoing Chairman and the incoming Chairman to carry out a good and detailed handover. During this period the current Chairman while finalize his focus areas agreed on during the Danish chairmanship while the incoming Chairman will plan his chairmanship, including his focus areas. Where relevant, current focus areas will be taken over by the new Chairman. There are a number of focus areas but the main ones still pending are:

  • Enhancing IHP’s processes and procedures.
  • Ensuring that operations carry on effectively and deliver intended results (this is always an on-going area).

The chairmanship of IHP has two purposes, namely 1) that IHP has an official contact point on behalf of all members, making it easier for partners and others to connect with IHP, and 2) to internally have a focal point that can carry out and facilitate common needs and goals. Therefore a good handover between an outgoing and an incoming Chairman is vital since this will lay the ground for the future efficiency of IHP. In this regard, any enquiries, information needs, requirements, comments, or other matters that IHP Partners and others feel should come to the attention of IHP should be forwarded to the Chairman – that is what this post is for. So do not hesitate to contact the Chairman