IHP surge UNHCR operation in Iraq

Published: 22 August 2014

The IHP assessment team was deployed 72 hours after the request and IHP has started to mobilize relief assistance to Iraq in support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The first IHP aircraft landed in Erbil Thursday 21 August.

Iraq's current humanitarian challenges are immense. The Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) has declared the situation a system-wide Level 3 emergency. Based on the urgent and difficult situation UNHCR has request IHP to facilitate the establishment of three camps 15 000 internally displaced people in each.

The IHP assessment team is on site in Northern Iraq with the task to conduct assessments of camp sites together with UNHCR and other stakeholders. The team has also started to prepare for the receipt and delivery of the IHP support. A cargo plane carrying 170 emergency shelter and blankets has already reached Erbil and will be a part of the larger IHP contribution.

DEMA, DSB, DFID, MSB and THW are currently mobilizing and allocating resources to support critical situation in Iraq. Equipment in terms of shelter, offices, power and water equipment is currently being assembled for dispatch and an IHP support team is planned to be deployed the coming week.

For further information please contact the IHP chairperson.