Shift of IHP chairmanship

Published: 01 July 2016

Norwegian farewell after a hectic 1,5 years, a year characterized by several disastrous emergencies. The Norwegian chairmanship has come to an end by 01 of July 2016 and one of the three founding members of IHP will take over the responsibility of leading IHP.

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IHP Light Base Camps enable hummanitarian operations in South Sudan

Published: 10 June 2016

Six Light Base Camps (LBC) with critical logistical base camp support for humanitarian aid workers have been established in South Sudan. The mission required IHP staff to overcome numerous challenges during six months of intensive work. The IHP mission has been conducted in cooperation with of IOM, aimed at establishing Light Base Camps for accommodating humanitarians in various deep field locations across the Greater Upper Nile area.

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Triplex 2016 is fully booked!

Published: 29 March 2016

The interest for Triplex is reaching record levels. More than 6 months before the start of the exercise the Triplex has reached full registration of participating organisations. 

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The main training site during Triplex 2013 (photo: IHP)

The shape of Triplex 2016 is being drawn

Published: 26 October 2015

IHP aims to repeat the success of the Triplex 2013 simulation exercise. The emergency scenario that was played out on the border between Denmark and Germany in 2013 will during the next Triplex move northward to the beautiful scenery in the southern parts of Norway.

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Overcoming remote challenges in Central African Republic

Published: 2015-06-05


Overcoming the various challenges in the remote areas of the country has been the driving force for re-establishing the humanitarian hub in in the town of Kaga-Bandoro in Central African Republic (CAR). The compund now has the capacity to accommodate 40 humanitarian staff to support the affected population.


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