IHP Support Services

IHP has become an important provider of support services to the international humanitarian community and has been acknowledged for its prompt and appropriate response. The speed, efficiency and reliability with which IHP can mobilize large complex support services are greatly appreciated by emergency organisations.

The operational services provided by IHP normally take the form of either experts or Equipment and Support Staff Solutions (sometimes also referred to as “Support Modules/Packages”). These capacities have been in use in complex emergencies as well as in sudden-onset, technical and natural disasters. IHP also provides support to capacity building through the of provision of trainings and exercises.


IHP has the capacity to deploy individual staff members within a wide range of areas of expertise (for example Logistics, Engineering, IT and Telecommunication, Water and Sanitation, Chemical and Nuclear expertise (CBRN-E), Information Management, Emergency Coordination, Assessments etc.)

Equipment and Support Staff Solutions (Service Modules/Packages)

HP Equipment and Support Staff Solutions are customized, rapidly deployable technical and operational assets. The solutions include specialized equipment and trained support staff to operate the equipment. IHP currently has a variety of solutions within the below four areas (read more):

  • IT- and telecommunications
  • Coordination support
  • Office and accommodation
  • Logistics services

In addition, each IHP member has a large set of equipment that has not been standardized within the framework of IHP, which can also be requested and deployed. This entails emergency hospitals and other medical capacities, water purification and water pumping capacity, bridge infrastructure, mine action, CBRN-E (Hazardous goods) units etc.

Trainings and exercises

IHP provides training and exercise opportunities and expertise in support of humanitarian actors and the humanitarian community in order to strengthen emergency preparedness and response (read more).