Guided tour through base camp "Essu"

Published 07 July 2014

Join us on a walk through the IHP base camp "Essu", in the Philippines. The base camp was run by the IHP from mid-November 2013 to April 2014. The set up was supported by CMC, ERB, DEMA, DSB, MSB and THW. DSB was the main contributor and provided the overall leadership of the IHP team. 

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Support services in the pipeline for CAR crisis

Published 22 June 2014

IHP is planning to support the UN in response to the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) and the neighboring countries. IHP assessment teams have been deployed the recent weeks to analyze the needs and requirements on the ground.

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Working Groups enhance IHP’s way of delivering emergency support

Published 13 June 2014

The IHP Working Groups (WG) have been established to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IHP operations during emergencies. The WG:s are tasked by the IHP Focal Points to enhance IHP’s preparedness to respond to emergencies, through addressing issues of interoperability, improved service delivery, agreeing on common standards and procedures, as well as ensuring that IHP staff are adequately trained.

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IHP is ending the mission in the Philippines

Published 15 April 2014

The IHP has been supporting the UN in the Philippines since a few days after country was hit by the Typhoon Huiuan. With the closure of the IHP base camp in Guiuan on April 10th, the IHP has now ended it’s mission, after nearly 5 months.

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IHP enables humanitarian response in South Sudan

Published 11 April 2014

IHP support the humanitarian community to reach the most vulnerable in South Sudan.

The support is provided through two projects, with the aim of improving living and working conditions for the humanitarian community. IHP is establishing several office and accommodation facilities at various locations across the country to assist in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the more than 1 million internally displaced people and more than four million people affected by the internal clashes and reoccuring natural disasters.

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